Suspected Tornado Damages Banks County

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potential tornado damages
A suspected tornado damages Banks County.
Here is a summary of the incidents that occurred as a result of the suspected tornado:
Homes Damaged – 3 total
1. Hawkins Rd
2. Bennett Rd
3. Bennett Rd
Other Structures Damaged:
1. Barn on Payne Rd – barn destroyed, horses all ok
Roads Still Closed:
1. Yonah Homer Rd – will be closed for some time due to road washed away in the area of Silver Shoals Rd. PLEASE DO NOT CROSS ROAD CLOSED SIGNS
2. Wofford Creek Rd – closed due to road washed from flooding; PLEASE DO NOT CROSS ROAD CLOSED SIGNS
Thanks again to everyone for helping during this event, while we had some unfortunate damages we are very blessed that it was not worse. For those asking if we think it was a tornado, we will have the NWS in the County tomorrow to look at the damage path. In just preliminarily checking the area and damages along with the radar signatures seen, and based on eye witness reports, we do believe it was but we don’t know how big and we don’t believe it ever had a prolonged touch down which is a huge blessing. The NWS had advised us that they did indicate a debris field on the radar and they reached out directly and immediately when they saw it. Warnings were issued immediately. We are very thankful that we didn’t have anyone injured in the event. We will know more after the NWS finishes their investigation and provides their report.
Thanks again all and we are thankful everyone is safe!
Banks County EMA / E911

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