Banks County Board of Commissioners approve multiple agenda items

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BANKS COUNTY – The first half of the Banks County Board of Commissioners Meeting consisted of a lengthy discussion between the Board, Hotel Developer Paul Patel, and community members.  For more information on that discussion about the Conditional Use Application (CUA), check out our article that covers the concerns people had about the project and the final decision. The board approved the application alongside two others and a Beer/Wine Package Application by Commerce Food mart.

Moreover, the two other CUA’s approved were an auto parts and vehicle sales business by Maxwell McCroskey and one by Joshua Trimble for a landscaping home occupation business. The decisions were made relatively quickly and there was not much opposition to the two.

The Beer/Wine Package Application, in addition to the other three, were all approved by the Board unanimously 5-0.

On previous business, the FY2023 Piedmont Judicial Law Clerk Agreement with Jackson and Barrow County was un-tabled and approved, which starts on July 1.

Also, the BOC approved a 72″ Scag lawnmower with 2017 SPLOST funds for the Parks and Rec. department.

The Banks County Fire/EMS brought four items to the agenda.

“9. Current Business…

b. Fire/EMS: GA Trauma Commission Grant – Steve Nichols
c. Fire/EMS: EMS Transport Fees Steve Nichols
d. Fire/EMS: Turnout Gear & Hose Purchase Request Steve Nichols
e. Fire/EMS: Purchase Request for EMS Simulator Steve Nichols”

These items, all approved, will help provide the Fire Department and EMS services better equipment and new vehicles.  Conversely, the current, aging gear will be used for training purposes once replaced.

The BOC also nominated positions for multiple Boards and Authorities.

To watch the whole meeting, visit the Banks County Government’s official Facebook page.

Also, learn more about the Planning Commission meeting that recommended these applications, check out our articles here and here.

View the agenda here.

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