Senator Loeffler discusses big tech and economic recovery post-pandemic

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Senator Kelly Loeffler

Commerce, Ga – Senator Kelly Loeffler (R) campaigned with Ninth District Congressman-elect Andrew Clyde (R) to rally the base ahead of the January 5 runoff.

The senator spoke about life after the pandemic favoring a “jobs-led economic recovery” and citing Georgia’s low unemployment because the state is open. However, unemployment claims were up in November, and many CARES Act programs will soon end.

She placed the blame on Democrats for blocking relief measures for families and small businesses. Loeffler stressed the need to support small businesses, hospitals, and schools.

“The future of the country is on the line here. We can go in the direction of building on the American Dream, building back our economy, or we can go the direction of socialism, which means big government, high taxes, government-run healthcare, defund the police, open border; that’s not right for Georgia,” Loeffler stated.

As for big tech interfering with conservative voices, Loeffler brought up the legislation in the summer to end the industry’s liability protections. If the U.S. Senate remains under Republican control, Loeffler commented that they would investigate big tech.

“These liability protections should no longer apply. They’ve acted as publishers, not platforms,” Loeffler asserted. “It’s also looking at their business practices. They’ve also conducted business on the premise that they would continue to suppress speech strategically, that’s not right for America.”

Senator Loeffler added that she called for a signature audit in Georgia elections and that her Opponent Raphael Warnock’s (D) organization is under investigation for voter fraud. The organization she referred to was The New Georgia Project, which Stacey Abrams founded. Warnock led The New Georgia Project until January of this year, when he announced his Senate run.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) announced the investigation of The New Georgia Project last week along with three other organizations.

Early voting in Georgia begins on December 14 through December 31, except for holidays.

Hear what Congressman-elect Clyde had to say at the event below:

Is Kelly Loeffler’s Trump voting record truly 100 percent?

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Loeffler Trump

On the campaign trail and in her campaign ads, Senator Kelly Loeffler often mentions she has a 100 percent voting record with President Donald Trump. While this sounds great for Sen. Loeffler, it is not 100 percent true. If we were the Washington Post, Loeffler would earn three Pinocchios.

What Loeffler would love GOP voters to forget, is that she went against President Trump and voted for NDAA legislation that would rename military bases named after Confederate generals.

NPR Headline July 24, 2020

Despite Trump’s Veto Threat, Senate Approves Provision To Rename Military Bases

“The Republican-controlled Senate on Thursday overwhelmingly passed a defense appropriations bill that calls for renaming U.S. military bases that honor Confederate officers — a provision that President Trump has threatened to veto.

The Senate’s 86-14 vote to approve the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is more than enough to override a veto, should the president follow through on his threat. The vote comes days after the House passed a similar version of the $741 billion bill.”

You can see the vote at the link below

President Trump was very vocal in his opposition to renaming the military bases as you can see from this article from the Washington Post on July 1, 2020 – way before Senator Loeffler voted against Trump.

Trump vows to veto $740 billion defense bill if Confederate-named military bases are renamed

While Loeffler may vote with the President most of the time, they aren’t in 100 percent agreement.

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