Trump Endorses Georgia Senate Candidate Herschel Walker

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Herschel Walker at "Save America" rally.

Former President Donald Trump endorses Georgia Senate Candidate and former professional football star Herschel Walker at the March 26 “Save America” rally held at the Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, Ga. Additionally, he hinted at a 2024 Presidential rerun.

The rally hosted several speakers and politicians who railed against Democrats, CTR, Transgender inclusion in sports and bathrooms, the Greene New Deal, and other popular talking points.

Among these guest speakers was (R) Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Ga., who made a statement regarding Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, saying he and his husband should “stay out of our girls’ bathrooms.”

Walker agreed and provided a soundbite to rile up the crowd, saying, “We need to get men out of women’s sports, first of all.”

Though Trump did throw his support behind Walker, he focused the crowd’s attention on Governor Brian Kemp. Kemp is being challenged by Trump-backed Gubernatorial Candidate David Purdue. Trump largely made this endorsement as a result of a broader campaign, to challenge the 2020 Presidential Election results.

Trump claimed Brian Kemp did nothing as election fraud was rampant.  He also claimed Kemp was a RINO (Republican-In-Name-Only).

Additionally, Trump said Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg funded “election related activities, over 90% of which was given to blue areas of the state to bolster Democrat turnout.”

“Great job Brian, you did a great job,” Trump sarcastically commented.

“…An APM Reports analysis of voter registration and turnout in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona shows no difference between counties that received grant money and those that didn’t. The money didn’t change the outcome but did make things run more smoothly.” according to  GPB News

Trump On Screen

Trump on screen.

However, he was adamant about the 2020 election results.

“They cheated on a level that people haven’t seen before.”

Since the loss of the 2020 Presidential election, Trump and his allies have repeatedly launched lawsuits and audits in targeted, close-call states.

In a Jan 2, 2021 call with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Trump urged him to find 11,780 votes in Georgia. Raffensperger has been adamant that the election was legitimate and there is not sufficient evidence to overturn it.

“…dozens of lawsuits aimed at overturning the presidential election results have been dismissed by judges, and an array of recounts, audits and even partisan reviews pushed by conservatives have confirmed the legitimacy of Biden’s victory,” according to USA Today.

Although some supporters arrived hours early to the event, the wind chill as the sun set and Trump arriving an hour and a half late, saw many leave early and a much smaller crowd in comparison to the prospective turnout.

People Leave as Trump Speaks

Supporters leave the venue while Trump speaks.

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