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BANKS COUNTY, Ga. – The May 24, 2022 Banks County General Elections come to a close with the late night release of the Election Summary Report.

These documents are the Election Summary Report, though they are technically unofficial and incomplete.  These are the documents that were distributed at the election office at 226 Candler St.

They were released to a small waiting crowd finally around 10:30 p.m.


County Commission – District 1 – Rep

Steven Cain – Total Votes: 1,655
(Winner) Danny Maxwell (I) – Total Votes: 1,930

County Commission – District 3 – Rep

(Winner) Chris Ausburn – Total Votes: 1,857
Sammy Reece – Total Votes: 1,747

County BOE – Post 3 – Rep

Mark Stroud – Total Votes: 3,226

County BOE – Post 5

Shane Roberts (I) – Total Votes: 3,209

While Danny Maxwell seems to have won the District 1 race with nearly a 300 vote lead, the District 3 race was a bit closer, Chris Ausburn seems to have acquired just under a hundred vote difference.


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